9 Best Gigabit Routers in 2023

1000 Mbps Routers

Are you looking to compliment your gaming/work setup with a 1000 Mbps router? Do you need extra bandwidth to accommodate multiple devices? Are you planning to fortify your home network with advanced internet protection? The gigabit routers in the list will do that for you. Having a capable hardware unit is paramount for handling gigabit …

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7 Best Routers for Oculus Quest 2 in 2023 [VR Gaming]

Best Routers for Oculus Quest 2

Virtual reality, especially with the Oculus Quest 2, involves multiple activities. These include social interactions, virtual globetrotting, and gaming. However, the experience wouldn’t be optimal if you didn’t have a reliable Wi-Fi router for Oculus Quest 2 by your side. Would you like the buffers when you’re on the front seat at a live concert …

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8 Best Wi-Fi Extenders for Ring Cameras in 2023 [High Throughput]


What kind of Ring camera do you own? While that seems like a subjective question, any Ring camera, regardless of its utility, needs a stable internet connection to stay up. This is exactly why we should discuss the Ring camera Wi-Fi extenders, which might be able to relay the internet signal across rooms, without compromising …

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7 Best RV WiFi Boosters in 2023 [For Campgrounds]


Thanks to the RVs and rising facilities, more people are interested in living in Recreational Vehicles. Even then, extending Wi-Fi coverage is a concern that most people have. Although you can find public Wi-Fi hotspots near camping grounds, most of them are not strong enough. This is where Wi-Fi boosters for RVs come into play. …

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