About Us

Thank you for visiting BCCA! Our website is dedicated to providing you, the reader, accurate, comprehensive, and reliable reviews of routers, WiFi extenders, and emerging technology.

Our goal is to remove the complexity and help you understand what is the best product in the market for your specific needs. By clearing through the clutter that is other websites, we bring to you a fair and thoughtful review that is easy to understand and accurate.

BCCA is managed by Chris Gustafson who has an extensive IT career in Fortune 500, niche SD-WAN, and telecommunications organizations with a deep background spanning delivery and operations across infrastructure, network, security, application, and cloud. With both hands-on and executive leadership experience, Chris stays abreast of emerging technology and solutions and will be the first to admit that his passion bubbles over into his personal life building the most ‘technology-advanced’ home in the neighborhood! If there’s a new emerging gadget out there, he likely owns it!

Chris’ has purposely built a dynamic multi-disciplinary team consisting of entrepreneurs/business owners, marketing communications (MarCom) specialists, ‘techies,’ and individuals who review articles with varied knowledge on the subject so we ensure our content speaks to a variety of readers.

Our Methodology for Product Reviews

We plan on keeping things extremely simple for our readers. As a matter of fact, we consider it extremely important to follow the UTTR approach:

U- Use 

T- Test

T- Test more, across diverse parameters

R- Review

The UTTR approach determines the final fate of the products.

Things we believe in- Yay or Nay

Routers and WiFi extenders can be extremely complicated provided you aren’t well-versed with the technology, concepts of networking, band, throughput, and other insights. At BCCA, we believe in reviewing these products while continually educating you towards making informed decisions.

To sum it up, BCCA offers advice that you can trust.

Our mission is to:

  • Prioritize routing technology more than anything else
  • Select the right features as per your requirements (i.e., multi-device, sq. ft. space recommendations, gaming, etc.)
  • Busting myths (such as the more expensive router is always better)

What sets BCCA apart?

We develop reviews that are fair, transparent, and honest.

We believe in taking the road less traveled and recommend products that are the best and not influenced by marketing gimmicks. With this approach you may not see the most popular and recognizable brands in our recommendations.

Our Motive

We are happy to help.

If you click on any mentioned products, we may earn a small commission that helps keep this site going! Our standards are as follows: 

  • Detest average products
  • Only recommend the best choices
  • Filter out the clutter to bring clean and crisp reviews

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