Google Wifi Flashing Blue: How to Fix It? A Troubleshooting Guide

google wifi flashing blue

Google Wi-fi has become increasingly popular in recent times. Although Google does not provide internet facilities as a service provider, the Google and Nest Wi-fi routers have made managing current internet services a lot easier. The Google WiFi router has become an essential smart device that helps in managing and automating internet tasks. They are, …

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TP-LINK Archer AX21 Review: Price, Specs, and More

tp link archer ax21

In the ever-evolving landscape of 2023, where the average household boasts more than ten connected devices, the pivotal role of a reliable router cannot be overstated.  Consider this: the TP-LINK Archer AX21, a beacon of innovation and dependability, stands at the forefront of this technological revolution. With the escalating demand for seamless connectivity for downloads …

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TP-LINK AC4000 Tri-Band Wifi Router Review (Updated)

tp link ac4000 review

In the rapidly changing world of digital connectivity, our lives have become nearly impossible to navigate without electronic/smart devices. A reliable, smooth wifi router has become increasingly important because of this, too. If you use a lot of smart technology, such as smart refrigerators, voice-activated assistants, gaming consoles, etc., a router that can comfortably handle …

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How to Fix Spectrum Modem Blinking Blue and White? Complete Guide

spectrum modem blinking blue and white

Did you know that when your Spectrum router’s lights blink in blue or white it might indicate more, than an attempt to connect to the internet? In today’s world, having an internet connection is crucial. Understanding the signals of your router is important. This goes beyond fixing glitches; it’s about ensuring online experiences. Imagine this …

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Xfinity Modem Router Blinking Green? 7 Reasons and Solutions

xfinity router blinking green

Xfinity, a subsidiary of Comcast, stands out as a prominent provider of internet, TV, and phone services. Renowned for their reliability, Xfinity devices have become favorites in the market. Nevertheless, acknowledging that no electronic device is flawless, occasional resets may be necessary. One method to initiate this process involves examining the lights on the front …

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