Can You Use Wi-Fi Without Internet?

wifi without internet

In today’s society, Wi-Fi has become a part of our daily lives. It is a gateway that grants us access to the Internet, a realm of knowledge, entertainment, and communication. We rely on Wi-Fi to stay connected with loved ones across the globe, check our emails, and enjoy movies. However, what happens when our internet …

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Do Routers Affect Internet Speed? Let’s Find Out

do routers affect internet speed

Are slow internet speeds frustrating your online experience? It’s not just your internet service plan that’s to blame; your router plays a pivotal role in managing internet connectivity throughout your home. An outdated router can be the bottleneck that throttles your internet speed, leaving you with a less than optimal experience. In this article, we’ll …

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9 Clear Signs You Need a New Router

signs you need a new router

A router plays a crucial role in your home internet setup. While a modem provides internet access at home, a router is essential for enabling Wi-Fi connectivity. Your router collaborates with your modem to establish a network that allows you to connect multiple devices, such as phones and computers, to the internet. Typically, routers have …

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Does an Ethernet Splitter Reduce Speed? Let’s Find Out

does ethernet splitter reduce speed

In today’s world, where fast internet is crucial for both work and leisure activities, there is a concern among tech individuals and everyday users: Does using an Ethernet splitter affect internet speed? Ethernet splitters, also known as network splitters or Ethernet switches, allow us to connect devices to an Ethernet outlet. While they provide a …

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Google Wi-Fi Blinking Orange: Troubleshooting Guide

google wifi blinking orange

Google Wi-Fi is comparable to known brands such as Linksys, Netgear, TP-Link, and others in terms of its performance, design, affordability, and unique features. While most users are generally happy with it, network errors may occur. However, sometimes Google Wi-Fi will indicate this with a flashing orange light. If you notice your Google WiFi device …

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5G Home Internet vs FiOS: Which Offers Faster Speeds and Better Performance

5g home internet vs fios

If you’re comparing 5G home internet with fiber internet, it’s clear that you’re seeking high-speed internet. However, what sets these two fast technologies apart? Fiber infrastructure is expanding rapidly and relies on a wired network, which can be costly. On the other hand, 5G home internet is still in its early stages but operates wirelessly …

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