Dear Friends,

After more than 20 years the BCCA has ended its operations.
During this time it hosted more than 500 email lists and over 100 websites for those who desired to serve the Baha'i Faith.

Services were provided free of charge to persons and groups all over the world, and were tended to by the unseen hands of tens of volunteers
who donated literally thousands of hours of their life helping to spread the teachings of Baha'u'llah.

Many served almost the entire life of the organization, it is their efforts that made the whole thing possible.
It is to them that the Coordinating Committee of the BCCA is most thankful.

We would also like to thank our sponsors at the International Teaching Centre
who provided guidance, steadfastness and continuing support during this time.

Email list services have been taken up by the new domain bahai.email.
While operationally very similar to the BCCA, the guiding principle of bahai.email
is to provide assistance to the Administrative Order of the Faith, its institutes and agencies.
If you would like to request a list for your community, group, or area teaching committee please write to listmaster@bahai.email .

Dear friends, it has been an honor and a privilege, and it is hoped that
in some small way the efforts of the BCCA helped you on your quest to become ever closer to God.

With the greatest respect and thankfulness,

The Coordinating Committee of the BCCA