How To Connect Switch to Hotel WiFi? [4 Working Methods]

Do connectivity issues deny you the pleasure of gaming with the Nintendo switch during the vacation? Do you face troubles while connecting Switch to the hotel Wi-Fi? Let’s look at various methods to get around the issue and continue your gaming.

Before getting into the workaround, it’s important to know the different reasons why Switch won’t connect to a hotel Wi-Fi:

  • There is a good chance the Wi-Fi signal in your room is further from the router/extender. With walls and other physical interference adding impedance, the signal might not be strong enough for the switch’s wireless adapter to establish a connection.
  • Technical compatibility issues in the security protocols might make it difficult for the devices to communicate with each other.
  • Any customized setting in the firewalls installed in the router can prevent certain devices from establishing the connection.

How to Connect Switch to Hotel WiFi?

There are multiple ways to connect a Nintendo switch to hotel Wi-Fi, contingent on the smart electronic gadgets you carry with you during your travels.

1. Using your Windows Laptop

In case you are carrying a Windows laptop, you can connect your laptop to the hotel Wi-Fi and turn your laptop into a networking device for your Nintendo Switch. Please find the steps for turning your computer into an internet hotspot.

Step 1: Start your laptop and click on the Windows button.

Windows desktop with red box around windows button

Step 2: Click on the settings icon.

Windows desktop with red box around Settings icon

Step 3: On the left, look for the menu option that says Network & Internet and select it. It will take you to the page where you’ll find the requisite setting.

Click on Network Internet Settings around red rectangle

Step 4: Turn your Wi-Fi on and connect your laptop to the hotel Wi-Fi using the credentials provided by the hotel administrator. Look for the menu option titled Mobile Hotspot and turn it on. This enables your laptop to transmit internet signals.

Enable Mobile Hotspot Option

Step 5: If you are not aware of the credentials set up on your laptop or want to set up a new one, click on the mobile hotspot properties that display the identifier name and password.

You can click on the edit button on the right if you wish to change any of the requisite information. You can go to the internet settings in Nintendo Switch and choose the network with the name listed in the hotspot settings.

See Mobile Hotspot Properties around red rectangle

2. Using your Smartphone as a Hotspot

You can connect your smartphone to the hotel Wi-Fi and turn the Android phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot by following the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Click on the Settings application on your mobile. Choose the Network and Internet option on the menu.

Choose the Network and Internet on Smartphone

Step 2: Click on the Hotspot & tethering menu.

Click on Hotspot & Tethering Settings on a Phone

Step 3: Once you click on Hotspot & tethering, the menu options to list of options in choosing the preferred method. Choose a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Click on Hotspot and Tethering Menu

Step 4: Once you choose the Wi-Fi hotspot, you can see an option to toggle the setting on and off. Switch it on. You can make further changes to the hotspot name password according to your preferences in the section. It is safer to change it to a stronger password.

Turn on Wi-Fi Hotspot on a Phone

You can connect a Switch to the internet by selecting the mentioned hotspot name from the list of Wi-Fi networks.

3. Using a Portable/Travel Router

If you are a frequent traveler for work and the Nintendo switch is your go-to entertainment device, it makes more sense to use a travel router instead of locking in or mobile to do the internet routing job.

Make sure your travel router runs on a direct power cord, to avoid any regulation inconvenience/violation caused by the storage limits of the batteries in the router.

If a weaker signal is stopping you from using the Switch at the comfort of your bed, you can choose to place the travel router closer to the window or door where the antennas in the router can capture and transmit a stronger signal to the Switch gaming console.

Configure your travel router into the hotspot router mode through a wired connection to enable it to capture and transmit Wi-Fi signals. Find the steps below. The UI & labels might differ for different OEMs, but the steps remain the same.

Once you have the router connected to the hotel Wi-Fi SSID, login to the admin page using the default credentials, you can find it in the label in the router manual or in the box.

Step 1: Type or the OEM specified URL and press enter.

Router Web Interface Login Page

Step 2: Click Quick setup from the left menu and click Next.

Web Interface > Quick-Settings under red box

Step 3: Check the Hotspot Router mode and click next.

Enable Hotspot Router Mode from Quick Settings

Step 4: Choose the Dynamic IP method and move on to the next step by clicking next.

Choosing Dynamic IP Method Under Quick Setup

Step 5: You can choose the SSID of the hotel Wi-Fi and click connect.

Choose SSID and Click on Connect

Step 6: Set the preferred username and password in the “AP setting” after entering the hotel Wi-Fi information in the “Client setting” section and complete the setup process.

Set ID Password in AP Settings

Once you have completed the aforementioned steps, click finish and complete the setup process.

Click on Finish Setup

Once the travel router is configured, you can connect your switch to the portable router using the SSID you mentioned during the setup.

4. Using Hotspot Applications

One can also use third-party Wi-Fi Hotspot applications to turn your laptop into a hotspot.

Connectify is one application built for the Windows platform to create hotspots that operate in multiple modes, i.e., Routing mode and bridging mode. The bridging mode improves the internet performance by connecting the clients directly to the source network.

Once you connect your laptop to Hotel Wi-Fi, open the Connectify application, and please follow the steps below.

Connectify App Interface
  • Click on Wi-Fi Hotspot Tab.
  • The Hotel Wi-Fi you are connected to will get displayed on the Internet to Share menu.
  • You can choose between the Routed or bridged mode in the Network Access menu. The bridged is a paid feature.
  • You can set the preferred Hotspot name and the Password for the network you are creating using the Connectify App and click start Hotspot at the bottom of the application.

Once the Hotspot gets started, you can connect your Nintendo Switch to the SSID you mentioned in the Connectify application and enjoy the gaming uninterrupted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need internet for Nintendo Switch Lite?

Not really, unless you want to participate in an online game that requires an active internet connection. However, most players don’t participate in it and therefore it doesn’t require an internet connection.

How to connect Hotel Wi-Fi to Nintendo Switch?

You need to follow these steps:
1. Go to the Settings menu from the homepage.
2. Tap on ‘Internet’ and then tap on ‘Internet Settings’.
3. Here, you will be able to see the Hotel’s Wi-Fi SSID.
4. Enter the password provided by the Hotel Management.
5. Next, it will show up if you’re connected. That’s it.

Can Nintendo switch connect to the hotspot?

Of course! You can connect your Nintendo Switch to the hotspot connection. Be it from an Android phone or an iPhone, it is compatible with all hotspot devices.


Irrespective of the reasons mentioned at the beginning of the article; you can choose any of these methods explained to get around the connectivity issues faced while using your Switch gaming device. I hope it was easy and informative!

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