Xfinity Router Blinking Blue: What it Means & How to Fix?

Xfinity Router Blinking Blue

If you have come across the Xfinity router blinking blue, then it means that your internet connection is in trouble. However, finding a reason behind the blinking blue light on the Xfinity router may not be straightforward. You’ll have to spend some time figuring out the exact issue. And if you’re wondering how to figure …

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Verizon FiOS Router Showing Yellow Light [Meaning & Fixes]

Verizon FiOS Router Showing Yellow Light

Does your Verizon router turn yellow whenever there is a connection drop or a service disruption? That’s no coincidence. It simply means your G3100 router is having trouble communicating with the internet. You might have to wait for the issue to resolve, but you can avoid its frequent recurrence with a little effort. There are …

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How To Connect Switch to Hotel WiFi? [4 Working Methods]

How To Connect Switch to Hotel WiFi

Do connectivity issues deny you the pleasure of gaming with the Nintendo switch during the vacation? Do you face troubles while connecting Switch to the hotel Wi-Fi? Let’s look at various methods to get around the issue and continue your gaming. Before getting into the workaround, it’s important to know the different reasons why Switch …

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Why is My Spectrum Router Blinking Red? [Explained with Fixes]

Why is My Spectrum Router Blinking Red

If you have been using Internet plans from Spectrum, you would know that the ISP offers a wide range of pre-configured routers. Depending on the type of connection, you might end up getting a Spectrum Wave-series router with Wi-Fi 5 or even Wi-Fi 6 standard. And while the connections are mostly stable, the ‘Blinking Red’ …

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How To Update Router Firmware? [Easy Steps]

How To Update Router Firmware

Updating your router’s firmware can help your router perform better and also improve your network security. The firmware updates address a pre-existing bug or improve security features or add support to fast internet speeds. So it’s imperative to keep your firmware updated with every new release. There are a couple of ways to upgrade your …

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