Verizon FiOS Router Showing Yellow Light [Meaning & Fixes]

Does your Verizon router turn yellow whenever there is a connection drop or a service disruption? That’s no coincidence. It simply means your G3100 router is having trouble communicating with the internet. You might have to wait for the issue to resolve, but you can avoid its frequent recurrence with a little effort.

There are several reasons for the FiOS router to turn yellow. If you’re looking for ways to avoid them, you’re in the right place. The article elicits the various reasons behind the malfunction and offers you solutions to handle these scenarios.

What Does Verizon Router Yellow Light Indicate?

Showing Yellow Light on Verizon FiOS Router

If you see a stable yellow light on the Verizon router, it means there is trouble with the internet. While you cannot find the root cause right away, it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to sort the issue. More times than not, you can ‌fix the issue instead of waiting for some professional help.

How To Fix the Yellow Light on Verizon Router?

Let’s go through a series of steps to figure out the issue causing a solid yellow light on the Verizon router.

1. Check for Maintenance or Internet Outage Notice

Foremost, the most instinctive action to be taken when you see a FiOS router yellow light is to check the service provider for any information on scheduled maintenance. If that’s the case, there is hardly anything you can ‌do about it other than wait it out.


If the service disruption becomes unpredictable, look for information regarding unscheduled repair work. Contact your local representative for further details, which will enable you to plan your activities until the service is resumed. If you can rule out both the reasons, it’s time to get into action.

2. Check Ethernet & Broadband Cables

One of the most recurring reasons for a Verizon router yellow light is the cables. You’ll have multiple wires running across your household if you have fiber internet. Look for any loose connections in and out of the ONT terminal for your facility.


Follow the wire to your Verizon router and ensure the input from the ONT terminal is looking good. If you’re using any ethernet cables, it’s time to check if they’re working fine. A faulty ethernet cable can be the one causing the yellow light. Re-attach the cables and reboot the router after a few minutes.

3. Check if the Router is Overheating

Once you can rule out the issues with the loose cable, it’s time to turn your attention toward the router. Please choose the best location for your router and avoid placing it in confined places like closets, shelves, etc., or near other electronic devices.


Do not cover the device with a cloth or any sheets. Avoid placing any objects below or above it. It could restrict the heat ventilation, causing overheating issues. Ensure you get the placement of the Verizon router right, keeping it well above the ground level, away from corners, and clear of any devices.

4. Limit the Number of Connected Devices

An overload causes a yellow light on Verizon router. If it is handling devices beyond its capacity, malfunction and service disruptions are bound it happen at some point. An instant fix would be a power cycle. Switch off the router and wait for a few minutes before turning it on.


This is a temporary fix. Regular occurrence simply makes a strong case for a router upgrade. A smart solution until you go on with your upgrade is to limit the number of devices connecting to it. Login to the router’s admin page and try limiting the wireless clients. Play around with the number and find the number that works for you.

5. Update the Firmware

A yellow light on your Verizon FiOS router signals a firmware update is underway. Once the installation is complete, the device should resume working. On another note, a buggy firmware could simply cause the service disruption.


You could have missed out on automatic firmware updates and releases, causing Verizon FiOS router yellow light. Find the latest version of the firmware from the manufacturer’s website for your router and update it manually. This will solve your connectivity/compatibility-related issues.

6. Running out of options?

If you’ve tried all the steps mentioned before, but the FiOS router yellow light isn’t going anywhere, you could go for a manual reset. Back up your settings before attempting one. And if that also doesn’t work, get one of the best Verizon Fios compatible routers and replace it with your FiOS home router G3100.


If the issue remains unresolved, yours could be a case of a faulty device, and it’s time for professional help. Contact FiOS support and get the router replaced. If it’s an own router and the device is inside warranty period, contact OEM for a replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Verizon router yellow?

When your Verizon router turns yellow, it signals trouble with your internet connection. There could be multiple reasons causing the router to turn yellow, anything ranging from a messy cable setup, firmware or hardware issue, or just another scheduled maintenance.

Why does my Verizon router keep disconnecting?

The frequent drops in connection can have multiple reasons causing them. You’ll have to look out for the signal strength-related issues, or it could be an overloaded/heated router or a firmware-related compatibility issue.

How to reboot the Verizon router?

Power off the router and unplug all the wires connected to it, including the input from ONT (If any). Wait for a couple of minutes. Plug all the connections in place and turn the power on. Wait for the initialization process to complete and when all the lights are stable, test your internet connection.

How to fix the solid yellow light on Verizon router?

Look for any loose connections in the cable at both ends. Check for overheating issues. Download the latest firmware from the OEM’s website and install it. Reboot the router. If the issue persists, contact Verizon FiOS support for professional support.


If your FiOS home router G3100 shows yellow light, it is due some attention. Some extra attention could avoid the simple issues. If you don’t feel confident, seek technical support from FiOS.