Netgear Router Lights: What Do They Mean?

Netgear Router Lights

The first look at the wide range of Netgear router lights can be perplexing. But they’re there to make the troubleshoot and manage device better. The LED lights on the Netgear router show the current status of the routing device and the devices attached to it. They’re also helpful in narrowing down the issue (if …

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Verizon FiOS Router Showing Yellow Light [Meaning & Fixes]

Verizon FiOS Router Showing Yellow Light

Does your Verizon router turn yellow whenever there is a connection drop or a service disruption? That’s no coincidence. It simply means your G3100 router is having trouble communicating with the internet. You might have to wait for the issue to resolve, but you can avoid its frequent recurrence with a little effort. There are …

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Xfinity Router Blinking Orange [Meaning & Steps to Fix]

Xfinity Router Blinking Orange

Are you a Comcast internet user who’s facing frequent connectivity and service disruptions? Do you often find yourself left confused with LED indicators and changing colors? Not every color signifies trouble, but if your Xfinity router blinking orange, it demands your attention. The orange light on Xfinity router shows there is an issue with your …

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