How To Set Up A Private Wi-Fi Network Without Internet?

How to Setup Private WiFi Network without Internet

When most people talk about wireless networks, they talk about a network connected to the internet. For most people, a wireless network without internet is an out-of-the-bounds concept. However, I would say it is one of the most underrated things in the world of networking. For starters, a private Wi-Fi network without internet can help …

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How to Use Your Own Router with AT&T Fiber? [Complete Guide]

How to Use Your Own Router with ATT Fiber

Is your AT&T Fiber gateway limiting the potential of your high-speed internet plan? Does the coverage of the ISP-provided gateway leave dead zones in your home? Are you wanting more protection and control over your home network? In this article I assume that you have purchased a compatible router, and if not yet, refer to …

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How to Daisy Chain Routers? [Improve Signal Strength]

How to Daisy Chain Routers

Daisy-chaining routing is a simple concept. But it ain’t all that easy. At least not if you aren’t aware of the prerequisites. Worry not, this guide shall help you with everything in detail and easy to understand manner. Resetting the Secondary Router The secondary router you plan on connecting to the terminal device has its …

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How to Configure a Router to Use WPA2/WPA3? [Enhanced Security]

How to Configure a Router to Use WPA2 or WPA3

While I can go on talking endlessly about the perils of not getting on board with the WPA2/WPA3 protocol, it’s time to get hands-on information that concerns actual router configuration. And guess what, I am going to take each router OEM and discuss easy-to-follow configuration strategies for each. How to Configure a Router to Use …

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Best Location For Router Placement: Upstairs or Downstairs?

Best Wi-Fi Router Placement

Confused about where to place your router, upstairs or downstairs? If you are wondering about the implications of the router placement on the signal quality and internet speed; you are at the right place. The article adds clarity to the thought process that goes into finding the best placement for your router. Since the placement …

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