Eco-Friendly Disposal of Old Modems and Routers: Your Guide

Modems and routers are our gateways to the internet. Without them, we cannot access the online world. But, with time and new updates, they need to be replaced so we can optimize our online performance and experience.

After we replace them, they should be disposed of in a manner that does not harm our environment, humans, or wildlife in any way. There are various methods through which we can achieve this eco-friendly disposal.

This brings us to the focus of this blog. In this piece, we will guide you on how you can safely dispose of your old modems and routers in an environmentally-friendly way. So, you don’t add up to the already growing waste streams and do your bit for the planet.

Why Should You Dispose of Old Modems And Routers In An Eco-Friendly Manner?

Why Should You Dispose of Old Modems And Routers In An Eco-Friendly Manner

If we throw our electronic waste without giving it a second thought, it can cause several problems. This includes problems with the environment, our health, and the law of the country we stay in.

It can cause severe damage to our surroundings if we simply throw away our routers and modems. They contain hazardous substances like lead, mercury, cadmium, etc. that can get into groundwater and soil. These can then cause many environmental and health concerns.

Long-term exposure to these chemicals can also be harmful to human health. Lead is known to damage our nervous system, while mercury can cause severe damage to our kidneys if not handled properly.

Moreover, many countries today have made it illegal to throw away electronic waste in trash bins, and they even charge huge penalties if somebody is found guilty of doing so. There are strict laws and regulations to be followed for electronic waste disposal.

Eco-Friendly Disposal Options For Old Modems And Routers

Eco-Friendly Disposal Options For Old Modems And Routers

Now that you know what modems and routers are and how important it is to dispose them off with proper care and in an environmentally-friendly way, here are some disposal options that you can consider:


Recycling is one of the best ways to dispose of old modems and routers. It involves taking valuable materials and parts from the devices that can be reused in new ones. It can be gold, copper, aluminum, etc.

To start with, you can check your local recycling centers or retailers. Most of them offer free or low-cost recycling programs. You can also check with the local government for any recycling initiatives they may offer.

To safeguard your personal information from these devices reaching the wrong hands, it is important to clear any data before you give it for recycling. You can run a factory reset on your modems or routers or use a data-wiping tool to achieve this.


Donating your old routers and modems to the ones who cannot afford but need them is the best way to part ways with these devices. This way, you can help them and also save you from the guilt of adding to the ever-increasing electronic waste.

Donating reduces the need to manufacture new devices and helps the ones in need. It bridges the digital gap and reduces the environmental footprint. So, it is a win-win situation for all.

Many organizations accept modems and routers, among other devices, as donations. They refurbish them and give them to charities and non-profit organizations.

You can start by looking for local community centers, schools, and non-profit organizations focusing on digital literacy. They often accept devices like modems and routers as donations. Some online platforms can also connect you with people looking for such donations.


Another eco-friendly way to dispose of your old modems and routers is reselling them. Reselling, like donating, can reduce electronic waste, thereby reducing the need to manufacture new products. It also gives you an opportunity to recoup a part of the initial investment you made in the equipment.

Reselling means you need to find interested buyers for your used devices. You can get use classifieds, online marketplaces, and forums to reach prospective buyers.

Start by listing your equipment on online platforms and classifieds. Post clear pictures of your device along with accurate information and specifications. Do not forget to describe the original condition and compatibility when you are reselling them.

Decide on a fair price depending on the condition and age of your device. Be prompt in replying to the queries of potential customers and have a secure transaction when finalizing the sale.

Tips For Disposal of Old Modem

Tips For Disposal of Old Modem

There are a couple of things that you must keep in mind before you dispose of your electronic device. They are as follows:

Security Of Data

Before disposing of your old modem and router, it is recommended to delete all personal data from the device.

Delete all personal information like network settings and passwords before donating, recycling, or reselling the devices. This ensures the protection of your privacy and keeps you secure.

You can follow the manufacturer’s instructions and do the factory reset so the device goes back to its original default settings.

If you fail to delete your information, you can be susceptible to cybercrime or identity theft. Your personal information stored in these devices can be used to access your accounts and compromise your privacy and security.

Follow Safety Guidelines

When handling electronic devices, it is important that you follow all the safety guidelines, as they can be harmful to your surroundings or cause injury to you. 

Wear safety equipment like glasses or gloves so you are safe from any broken or sharp parts. Do not try to disassemble the device on your own, as it can expose you to harmful materials.

Failure to follow these instructions can result in harm to yourself and the environment. As mentioned, these devices contain lead and mercury, among other toxic substances. So, following guidelines ensures you are not exposed to them, and they do not contaminate the environment as well.


Eco-friendly disposal of modems and routers can reduce economic waste and promote sustainability in an industry that upgrades in seconds. When we choose responsible options for disposal, we can minimize pollution, conserve natural resources, and promote the principles of a circular economy.

Each of the environmentally-friendly options for disposal, i.e., donating, reselling, and recycling, offers unique benefits and extends the lifespan of the devices.

Before disposing of your old modems and routers, please ensure that you delete your personal information from the devices. Also, follow the safety precautions while handling them.

When you choose the eco-friendly options for disposing of your electronic devices, you reduce electronic waste and make a significant contribution to protecting the environment.