150+ Epic and Badass WiFi Names to Make Your Network Stand Out

We all know that Wi-Fi routers provide high internet speeds, but they often come with a boring name. Most people never change it, and some don’t even know how it is done. But changing your network’s name frequently can keep the fun alive in your life and the lives of the people around you.

Imagine that you are looking to join a Wi-Fi connection, and coming across a funny name like “Nacho Wi-Fi” can brighten your day and bring a smile to your face.

So, renaming your network is not simply personalizing it but also an effort to make someone’s day better. If you are someone who likes their Wi-Fi name to reflect their personality, we can help.

This comprehensive guide will assist you in choosing names from different categories like geeky, pop culture, and more. Find out how you can use your creativity to come up with epic and badass Wi-Fi names. Let’s get started.

Tips For Crafting Epic And Badass Wifi Names

It is always a good idea to change your Wi-Fi names often, irrespective of whether your router is new or old. If you follow these tips, you will not need any help to create unique names for your network. You may begin by choosing a name that is memorable and meaningful to you. Because if you select something random, you can risk forgetting it.

Making hilarious WiFi names with wordplay is a brilliant and successful strategy. Create a clever and hilarious name by using puns, rhymes, and double entendres.

Consider using an old joke or a funny statement as your WiFi name. A creative WiFi pun can never go wrong. Try using things like LAN, wireless, bandwidth, and WiFi in your chosen names.

For those who are particularly feeling nerdy, changing your WiFi name daily with a fun fact or riddle of the day can be quite entertaining for people near you.

It’s best to stay away from inappropriate names, as our goal is to bring joy rather than hurt someone and ruin their day. You can even use pop references such as song lyrics or memorable dialogues as inspiration for your WiFi names too!

Furthermore, going for something spooky will definitely leave others completely shaken.

Epic And Badass Wi-Fi Names

Get ready for the comprehensive list that might help you choose a new name for your network. Find out which category suits your personality and choose the name accordingly.

WiFi Names To Make You Laugh

WiFi Names To Make You Laugh
  1. 404 Network Unavailable
  2. LAN of the Free
  3. Get Off My LAN
  4. No WiFi for You!
  5. It Hurts When IP
  6. LAN of Laughter
  7. Wi-Fight for Donuts
  8. The Promised LANd
  9. The WiFi Next Door
  10. Drop It Like It’s Hotspot
  11. The WiFis of March
  12. Bill Wi, the Science Fi
  13. Wi-Fi and Chil
  14. The Promised LAN
  15. Abraham Linksys
  16. It’s Not a Hotspot, It’s Chili!
  17. Virus-Infected WiFi

Pop Culture and Movie References

  1. The WiFi Awakens
  2. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
  3. The WiFi Strikes Back
  4. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Airwaves
  5. Wi-Fi Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  6. The Internet of Thrones
  7. Stranger WiFi
  8. 007 Surveillance Network
  9. Avengers Assemble
  10. Sherlock’s Mind Palace
  11. WiFi Max: Fury Road
  12. Westeros Wireless
  13. Lord Of The Pings
  14. The Fast and the WiFi-ous
  15. The Matrix Network
  16. Jurassic Wi-Fi Park
  17. WiFi-Man: Homecoming
  18. Catch Me If You LAN
  19. WiFi Pool: Dead Zone”
  20. “WiFi to the Future
  21. Hogwarts School of Wifi-craft & Wizardry
  22. Star Wars: The Last LAN
  23. Pirates of the Ethernet
  24. Breaking Bad Fi
  25. V for VPN
  26. Stranger Pings
  27. The Silence of the LANS
  28. Queen Bey-net
  29. The WiFi of Wall Street
  30. Blade Runner 2049 Fi
  31. Teenage Mutant Ninja Router
  32. Zombie Apocalypse WiFi
  33. Ozark Bandwidth

Geeky And Nerdy WiFi Names

Geeky And Nerdy WiFi Names
  1. Ctrl Alt Delight
  2. The LAN Before Time
  3. WiFight the Power
  4. WiFidelity – The Final Frontier
  5. Ping of the Hill
  6. Death Star Internet
  7. Winterfell WiFi
  8. The One WiFi to Rule Them All
  9. Azeroth Connection
  10. Skyrim’s Strongest WiFi
  11. May the password be with You
  12. Hogwarts Express
  13. Dungeons & Dragons Data
  14. Trekkie’s Transmission
  15. Internet Explorers
  16. Alien Access Point
  17. The WiFi Lab
  18. Hobbiton Hotspot
  19. Code Slingers

Badass Names

  1. The WiFi Revolution
  2. Dominating the Digital Realm
  3. Conqueror’s Connection
  4. Unstoppable Bandwidth
  5. WiFi of the Titans
  6. Ruthless Router
  7. Stormtrooper Signal
  8. Killer Connection
  9. Network Ninja
  10. Beast Mode Bandwidth
  11. Mind over Matterhorn
  12. Terminator’s Terminal
  13. Dragonborn Data
  14. Shadow Fiend Network
  15. Fearless Firewall
  16. Valkyrie Vigilance
  17. Code Destroyer
  18. Badass Bandwidth
  19. Rebel Alliance Net
  20. The Almighty Network
  21. Fearless WiFi Warriors
  22. The Untamed Signal

Wordplay Wi-Fi Names

Wordplay Wi-Fi Names
  1. Wi-Fry and the BurgerNET
  2. Too Wired for This 
  3. The Wu-Tang LAN 
  4. Winternet is Coming
  5. Wi-Fi or Die
  6. Wi-Fi-Nancial Freedom
  7. Wi-Spy the Limit
  8. Wi-Fi-ghters in the Sky
  9. The Wi-Fight Before Christmas
  10. WiFidelity Strikes Back
  11. The WiFi-tanic
  12. The NeverLAN Story
  13. Wi-Five O’Clock Somewhere
  14. The Wi-Fipedia
  15. The Wi-Fi-llennium Falcon
  16. Digital Deck
  17. Wi-Fi Workshop
  18. Wi-Fi-ght Club
  19. Wi-Fidelity Beyond Belief
  20. The Wi-Fi Connection Revolution
  21. Wi-Fi of the Tiger
  22. Wi-Fi Waffle House
  23. Wi-Fight for Your Bytes
  24. Wi-Fictional Heroes
  25. The Wi-Fi Escape Plan
  26. Wi-Fi and Seek
  27. Wi-Five Star Connection
  28. Wi-Fi Over Troubled Water
  29. Wi-Fictional Adventures
  30. Wi-Five Senses
  31. Wi-Fi Pie
  32. Will Work For Wi-Fi
  33. Wi-Finity Gauntlet
  34. Wi-Fly Like an Eagle
  35. Wi-Fun and Games
  36. Wi-Fi on the Rocks
  37. P for Password
  38. Web Warriors
  39. Wi-Fireworks
  40. Signal Seeker
  41. Hi-Fi for Wi-Fi
  42. Networking And Chill
  43. Password Please
  44. Wi-Fi Wonderland

Playful Warning Wi-Fi Names

  1. No Free WiFi Here, Move Along
  2. Connecting… Just Kidding!
  3. You’re Being Watched
  4. Hackers Will Be Fed to the Sharks
  5. Proceed at Your Own WiFi
  6. Unauthorized Access Will Result in Cat Videos
  7. Enter at Your Own Risk
  8. Danger! WiFi Zone Ahead
  9. Beware of the WiFi Monster
  10. Wi-Fi Protected by Dragons
  11. Caution: Highly Addictive Network
  12. Warning! WiFi with a Sense of Humor
  13. Enter the WiFi Maze if You Dare
  14. Trespassers Will be Rickrolled
  15. WiFi Surveillance in Progress
  16. Keep Calm and Stay off my WiFi
  17. WiFi Contaminated with Sarcasm
  18. Unleash the Kraken WiFi
  19. Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here
  20. This WiFi Bites Back
  21. WiFi Prison: Break-in at Your Own Risk
  22. Access Denied to Boring People
  23. WiFi: Authorized Personnel Only
  24. Beware WiFi Gremlins Inside
  25. WiFi: Caution – Pranksters on the Loose
  26. Do Not Disturb the WiFi Wizards
  27. Stay Away from the WiFi Dark Side
  28. Trespassers Will Face the WiFi Avengers
  29. Unauthorized Connections Will Be Rickrolled
  30. Danger Zone: Enter if You Dare
  31. Warning! WiFi May Cause Laughter Epidemic
  32. Step Back! WiFi Under Quarantine
  33. Only for the Brave: WiFi of Mischief and Mayhem
  34. Intruders Detected, Initiating Lockdown

Cool Wi-Fi Names

Cool Wi-Fi Names
  1. WiFiberglass – High-Speed Reinforced Internet
  2. The Cool Connection
  3. Rhythm of the Net
  4. Surfing in Style
  5. The WiFi Vortex
  6. Wi-Fi Wonderland
  7. Tech Tribe Network
  8. Sleek and Chic WiFi
  9. The Hip Hotspot
  10. GigaByte Gang
  11. Futuristic Frequencies
  12. Tech Heaven Hub
  13. Sonic Speed Network
  14. The Trendsetter Signal
  15. Wi-Fi Wonders
  16. Smooth Streaming Society
  17. The Stylish Signal
  18. Digital Delight
  19. Geek Chic WiFi
  20. High-Tech Hangout
  21. The Cool Coder’s Club
  22. Pixel Perfect Network
  23. Byte Me
  24. Wireless Wanderlust
  25. Pixel Prodigies
  26. Byte Brigade
  27. Tech Tornado
  28. Digital Dreamland
  29. Innovation Station
  30. The Tech Trend Network
  31. Epicenter of Awesomeness
  32. The Meme Machine
  33. Groovy Gateway
  34. The Connected Cosmos
  35. Serenity Signal
  36. Epic Euphoria
  37. Echoes of Echo Dot
  38. Cyber Serenade
  39. Zephyr Zone
  40. Nomad Network
  41. Aurora Connection
  42. Astral Access Point

How Do I Change My Wi-Fi Name?

Congratulations! Now that you have made an excellent choice in selecting a badass name for your network from the options provided above.

It is time to move on to the next step. The first thing you need to do is change your network name, often known as the Service Set Identifier (SSID).

You must first figure out your router’s IP address before you can proceed. You can quickly find this by going to the Properties section of your linked network.

Look for the “IPv4 address” details within the provided list. Once acquired, enter this IP address into the search box of your preferred web browser. This will give you access to your router’s admin page.

After successfully logging in with appropriate credentials, navigate toward either the Settings or Wireless Network section on this page. In this particular section, you should be able to locate your current Wi-Fi name recorded as SSID, Wireless Network Name, or Router Name.

Type your new Wi-Fi name and ensure that any changes made are saved before exiting from this page. And there you have it! Your new Wi-Fi name is now set and ready for everyone’s enjoyment!

Key Takeaway

So, there you have it! If you want your network name to stand out, try giving your Wi-Fi a catchy name. Something that is not boring like the usual manufacturer’s name but has some emotion in it.

As we’ve seen, there are multiple options for you to choose from. You can go with a cool name or can choose a pop or movie culture reference. If you are feeling daring and rebellious, you can pick a badass name. Or, if you wish to tickle people’s funny bones, use funny names.

You can make people nostalgic with historical themes or maybe Harry Potter-themed names. Just remember to strike a balance between innovation and suitability. Go on, change the network name, as life is too short for boring Wi-Fi names.