Switch vs Router vs Hub: The Ultimate Comparison

Switch vs Router vs Hub

Switch, Router and Hub are three terms you have heard in the world of networking. Regardless of their size, almost all networks worldwide use one of these devices for network management. The right networking device can save you huge time, money, and also ensures secure/seamless connectivity. Besides, it’s not like you can replace a switch …

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How To Set Up A Private Wi-Fi Network Without Internet?

How to Setup Private WiFi Network without Internet

When most people talk about wireless networks, they talk about a network connected to the internet. For most people, a wireless network without internet is an out-of-the-bounds concept. However, I would say it is one of the most underrated things in the world of networking. For starters, a private Wi-Fi network without internet can help …

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How to Use Your Own Router with AT&T Fiber? [Complete Guide]

How to Use Your Own Router with ATT Fiber

Is your AT&T Fiber gateway limiting the potential of your high-speed internet plan? Does the coverage of the ISP-provided gateway leave dead zones in your home? Are you wanting more protection and control over your home network? In this article I assume that you have purchased a compatible router, and if not yet, refer to …

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