7 Best Wi-Fi Extenders for Optimum in 2023 [Wide Range]

If you live in a large or multi-story house, there are high chances of having numerous dead zones or areas where internet speed would decrease despite having one of the best Optimum compatible routers by your side.

Or are you simply looking to extend the wireless coverage across rooms and stories without purchasing additional bandwidth? In any of the mentioned scenarios, the more preferred approach is to get hold of a powerful router and a Wi-Fi extender that works with Optimum.

Wi-Fi extenders are also affordable when compared to a full-fledged, avant-garde router. Also, if you are planning to purchase one for your home or office, you should aim for wider coverage, multiple antennas, mesh networking support, MU-MIMO functionality, a simplistic interface, and more.

Finding the one that is good enough isn’t all that easy. In most cases, you wind up getting a basic device that cuts down your existing speed by over 50% or even more. Certain extenders do not even have adequate indicators for you to keep a track of the network status. And, in some cases, the set-up is way too complicated.

Keeping these diverse user requirements and the probable pain points in mind, I have put together a list of 7 wireless extenders that pair exceptionally well with Optimum and even a handful of other ISPs.

Best Wi-Fi Extenders for Optimum in 2023

In this discussion, I will discuss the 7 tried and tested wireless extenders with Optimum internet service provider, after selecting them from an extensive list of over 50 products. On testing 31 extenders, I felt that these 7 are the most performant and justify their price tags in every possible way.

Plus, the final list of 7 extenders starts with some of the more premium variants, eventually followed by the mid-rangers, and lastly, the budget extenders that justify smaller establishments and basic requirements.

The Linksys RE7000 is arguably the best wireless extender on the list, courtesy of its competitive price point and a commendable specs sheet. What makes it worth purchasing is the MU-MIMO functionality that ensures consistent internet access and faster data transmission, regardless of the device supporting multiple devices at once.

I even compared it with the likes of RE6400 from the same company, just to find that the RE7000 supports better cumulative speeds and a wider coverage area.

Why is it Suitable for Optimum Internet?

There are a lot of factors that make the RE7000 good enough for any given Optimum plan. Firstly, this range extender offers Wi-Fi N speeds of up to 300Mbps followed by standard Wi-Fi AC throughput of up to 1733 Mbps.

In addition to blazing speeds and concurrent dual-band functionality, this device also boasts an extended wireless range of over 10,000 sqft. This feature makes it good enough for mesh networking and setting up a more expansive internet plan careening across larger households.

Plus, if you are on a Gig internet plan from Optimum, this extender can also be used to connect over 50 devices at once, without compromising massively on speeds.

Design & Connectivity

Linksys RE7000

As far as aesthetics are concerned, the RE7000 measures a manageable 4.96 x 3.18 x 1.81 inches. Plus, the well-ventilated form factor gives out the plug-n-play vibes and weighs something close to 0.6 pounds, making it one of the lighter products on the list.

Also, the plastic-clad form factor is surprisingly durable despite being one of the lightest products around. On top of that, there is one LED out front to report the status of the device in general.

The port arrangement is pretty elementary with one Gig ethernet port in play to let you use the extender as an access point. This functionality complements the 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless access and ensures consistent throughputs.

Setup & other Features

This wireless extender ensures easy setup and allows you to control the network via the Linksys app. Adding to this is the ‘spot finder’ functionality that lets you find areas where placing the extender yields the best possible results. In addition to that, this product also boasts Beamforming support.


Overall, the Linksys RE7000 is one of the more competent Optimum compatible Wi-Fi extenders in the retail space, best known for the excellent Wireless AC throughput, Beamforming support, ability to mesh network, and also enhanced security safeguards, courtesy of MAC filtering functionality.

  • Excellent range
  • One Gig ethernet port
  • Easy and quick set up
  • MU-MIMO functionality
  • No USB ports
  • Near band, speeds suffer

Wireless extenders with external antennas are inherently more powerful than the standard, box-like devices. Therefore, if you want the best possible coverage, the TP-Link RE550 should be the product to invest in. Most importantly, this extender stands out courtesy of the three external antennas in play that make the RE550 good enough for bigger offices and multistory buildings.

Why is it Suitable for Optimum Internet?

If you are on a top-tier internet plan from Optimum, the RE550 is worth investing in, courtesy of the cumulative speeds of 1900Mbps. Coming to the dual-band support, this extender exhibits 2.4GHz band speeds of up to 600Mbps followed by 5GHz speeds of almost 1300Mbps.

However, the final internet speed depends on the quality of the modem, router, and certainly the ISP plan you are currently using. Coming to the coverage, you can expect this extender to work at its peak for almost 2800 sq ft. Also, this device lets you connect up to 35 devices at once.

Design & Connectivity

TP-Link RE550 Design

This towering extender is pocket-friendly in terms of aesthetics, with dimensions reading 6.43 x 3.4 x 1.93 inches. Also, this device weighs less than a pound, making it easy enough to carry around. Adding to the form factor is the durable, plastic-clad chassis, which is light, well-ventilated, and equipped with a status reporting LED.

There is also a solitary Gig ethernet port in play that allows you to connect bandwidth-intensive devices directly to the extender. Plus, you can even operate the device as an access point.

Setup & other Features

Setting this extender up takes minimal effort, courtesy of the Tether app in play. Plus, you can even make good use of the unified remote management functionality followed by smart roaming support and mesh compatibility.


To sum it up, the TP-Link RE550 is one of the faster Wi-Fi extenders on the list, which readily outwits others, courtesy of the three external antennas and excellent 2.4GHz speeds.

  • Excellent coverage
  • Interactive app
  • Remote management support
  • Exquisite aesthetics
  • One high-speed port
  • Heats up a bit

If you are looking for an affordable wireless extender for your mid-tier Optimum internet plans, it is better to consider the Netgear EX6120 as your go-to device. While there are quite a few reliable features to invest in, it is the dual, external antenna setup that promises the best possible speeds.

Why is it Suitable for Optimum Internet?

This device makes your Optimum router come to life, courtesy of the excellent dual-band throughput, i.e., 300Mbps on the 2.4GHz band and up to 900Mbps on the 5GHz band. Most importantly, this extender boasts FastLane wireless technology that merges both near and far band throughputs to maximize speeds.

In addition to exceptional speeds, this device also offers a steady wireless coverage of up to 1500 sqft. Plus, you can even connect close to 25 devices with this wireless extender.

Design & Connectivity

Netgear EX6120

The EX6120 from Netgear is one of the lightest on the list at 0.29 pounds. Plus, this standard, plastic-clad device measures 2.17 x 2.64 x 1.54 inches and even boasts plug-n-play functionality. On top of all that, you have a 10/100 ethernet port to rely on, for achieving non-Gig speeds, even when wired.

Setup & other Features

You can set the extender up via the interactive web interface. Once the 5-minute extender set-up procedure is taken care of, you can reconnect it via the one-touch WPS access. Other relevant attributes include minimal latency and the auto-sensing functionality for prioritizing wired connections.


Overall, if you are looking for a standard Optimum Wi-Fi extender that is good enough for most internet plans up to 25Mbps or even a bit more, the Netgear EX6120 comes forth as a reliable option. Plus, the FastLane support makes it a better bet as compared to other modems on the list.

  • Dual-band support
  • FastLane connecting merging support
  • Excellent 5GHz throughput
  • Two powerful antennas
  • Auto-sensing support
  • Middling 2.4GHz speeds
  • Lacks a Gig Ethernet port

The RP-AC55 from Asus takes extender functionality to a whole new level by bringing in excellent 5GHz speeds and exceptional wireless coverage. I feel Asus RP-AC55 is worth purchasing if you are on a mid-tier internet plan from Optimum and still looking to extend the internet coverage to eliminate dead zones in the remotest areas of the home or office.

Why is it Suitable for Optimum Internet?

If you are interested in near and far band speeds, the RP-AC55 is quite a reliable wireless extender, capable of supporting a throughput of at least 300Mbps for the 802.11n standard and almost 900Mbps for the 802.11ac standard, mostly relevant to the 5GHz band.

The coverage area handled by this extender caps out at 3000 sq ft, which is more than sufficient for standard homes. Also, if and when you start using this device, you can easily connect over 50 devices at once, without having to cut corners, in terms of speed.

Design & Connectivity


As far as the design and aesthetics are concerned, this basic plug-and-play extender assumes a pretty standard layout, characterized by two external antennas, three well-lit indicators, and a perfectly ventilated structure.

Plus, the device measures 6.89 x 3.51 x 5.2 inches and weighs a manageable 0.7 pounds, which is on the lighter side but still on the heavier side when compared with some other devices on the list.

There is also a standard ethernet port in existence, allowing you to use this device as an access point and also for setting up fast wired connections.

Setup & other Features

The best thing about the RP-AC55 is the app-based set-up, led by a smooth and interactive interface. Also, the extender app comes equipped with network tools and a knowledge bank to help you fix issues, if and when they show up. Apart from the highly functional app, this extender also comes equipped with a one-touch WPS button.


The Asus RP-AC55 is a quick-acting wireless extender that can easily handle mid-range Optimum internet plans. Also, when compared to other products around, the device makes quite an impression, courtesy of a top-notch mobile application.

  • Excellent 802.11ac speeds
  • Functional smartphone app
  • Extended coverage
  • One-touch WPS setup
  • Not a Gig Ethernet port
  • Sluggish 2.4GHz speeds

Not many Wi-Fi extenders can offer as much value as the Tenda A18. But then, purchasing this product isn’t only about the cost-to-ownership ratio as it even promises Access Point support and a reliable set of status-reporting indicators.

Why is it Suitable for Optimum Internet?

In case you already have a reliable router that offers a cumulative speed of around 2400Mbps, purchasing the A18 from Tenda makes complete sense. Most importantly, it is the 2.4GHz speed limit of up to 300Mbps and 5GHz speed capping of 867Mbps that tilts the scales in Tenda’s favor.

In addition to this trait, Tenda also offers extended coverage of almost 1300 sq ft and allows you to connect almost 20 smart devices at one go.

Design & Connectivity

Tenda A18

The A18 from Tenda is light and an aesthetic piece of tech that measures 2.36 x 1.97 x 2.02 inches. Plus, it weighs close to 0.6 pounds, which is good enough considering the well-ventilated, plastic-made form factor.

There is also a solitary ethernet port in play that doesn’t offer Gig support but still manages to pull through when speed expectations of up to 100Mbps are concerned.

Setup & other Features

If you own the A18, setting it up is a charm, considering the intuitive app interface. For those who are into specifics, it takes less than 10 seconds to set this extender up. In addition to the quick customizability, this device also boasts two Omni-directional, high-gain antennas to ensure decent throughput.


The Tenda A18 is priced perfectly and scales beyond others when it comes to the aesthetics, overall speeds, and even the selection of indicators.

  • Excellent design
  • Fantastic 5GHz speeds
  • A decent set of indicators
  • Access Point support
  • Quick set up
  • No gig ports
  • 2.4GHz speed can be an issue

The TP-Link RE220 is one of the few extenders in the space to support the OneMesh technology. Also, the price point for this level of functionality cannot get any better than this.

Why is it Suitable for Optimum Internet?

If you are already using Optimum’s mid-range or low-tier internet plan, the RE220 is one of the better extenders to purchase. What works in its favor is the excellent 5GHz speeds of up to 867Mbps. For far band enthusiasts, this extender has a 2.4GHz speed capping of up to 300Mbps, which is more than sufficient for an extender.

The coverage area of almost 1200 sq ft is good enough to help you get rid of almost every dead zone around. Also, you can connect up to 20 devices, without compromising on the speed availability.

Design & Connectivity

TP Link RE220

The RE220 is also one of the better-looking wireless extenders around, boasting a dome-like form factor and measurements that are fixed at 2.6 x 4.3 x 3 inches. Also, it weighs close to 0.3 pounds, which further validates the plug-and-play functionality. TP-Link even brings in three indicators to help you monitor the network status to perfection.

TP-Link also makes way for a single non-gig ethernet port to help you experience decent wired speeds, provided you have more bandwidth-hungry devices around.

Setup & Other Features

This extender lets you customize and pair it with the router in a matter of minutes, via the interactive smartphone application. Once the connection has been established, you can deploy the one-touch WPS button, at will. In addition to these attributes, you can even make use of the high-speed extender mode to establish faster connections.


To sum it up, the TP-Link RE220 is one of the more affordable modems on the list that excels courtesy of the OneMesh setup and universal router compatibility.

  • Works effortlessly in mesh setup
  • Fast 2.4GHz and 5GHz connections
  • Interactive app
  • High-speed wireless mode
  • Doesn’t include a Gig port

It isn’t easy to get router-like functionality for as low as $13. However, the D-Link N300 DAP makes it possible by offering excellent value. Also, the plug-and-play setup is quite easy to decipher, making it a good enough product for one-room homes and offices that still end up with dead zones and have lesser bandwidth-intensive devices around.

Why is it Suitable for Optimum Internet?

Buying this extender makes a lot of sense if you are currently using a basic Optimum internet plan. What makes this an effective piece of hardware is its unwavering focus on the far band, i.e., the 2.4GHz band, with a maximum speed limit of up to 300Mbps.

Despite the restrictive speeds, you can still expect it to cover almost 1300sqft, without data loss. Coming to the concurrent connections, you can set up close to 10 devices at once.

Design & Connectivity

Dionlink N300 Design

The N300 DAP is easily the lightest extender on the list at less than 0.2 pounds. Plus, it measures a manageable 3.03 x 2.19 x 1.34 inches, making it one of the more aesthetic and smaller devices around. In addition to that, you have two external antennas to rely on for better coverage followed by the availability of three indicators for status reporting.

There is also a basic ethernet port in play that lets you use the device as an access point by supporting maximum speeds of up to 100Mbps.

Setup & Other Features

Even this wireless extender lets you set up and prepare the device via the mobile app. Also, there is one WPS button to speed up subsequent connections. Finally, this is one of the few devices around to offer a smart signal LED for indication regarding the position of the extender.


Despite lacking frills, the D-Link N300 DAP still manages to find a place on the list of Optimum Wi-Fi booster, courtesy of the enviable price tag and the ability to offer the best-in-class 2.4GHz speeds, which most of the other devices tend to ignore.

  • Excellent far band throughput
  • One 100Mbps ethernet port
  • Lightest product around
  • Sleek design
  • Easy to use application
  • No 5GHz support
  • Not meant for larger offices

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Optimum have a Wi-Fi Extender?

Yes, Optimum does offer a Wireless extender to users who are already using their smart router setup. If you are one of them, you can choose the Optimum Xtend to connect intelligently with the router and even the main modem, whilst ensuring that there are no dead zones to account for.

What is the most efficient Wi-Fi Extender?

The most efficient Wi-Fi extender is the one that offers excellent 2.4GHz and 5GHz speeds without compromising on the near and far band throughput. Plus, it should have a gig ethernet port and the ability to pair 2.4GHz and 5GHz band speeds to achieve faster data access.

Does a Wi-Fi Extender slow down internet speed?

Yes, if the router is already offering speeds lower than that promised by the ISP, a standard extender can be extended to reduce it further by almost 50%. However, this is more of a decent trade-off considering that you get extended coverage in return for the speed compromises.

Where should I place a Wi-Fi extender?

As a rule of thumb, you must place the extender exactly halfway between the router and the device. However, most of the extenders listed above come with indicators that blink in case the device is either placed in the perfect or optimal position or outside the range of the router.


To be honest, buying the best Optimum Wi-Fi range extender can be a bit overwhelming considering the ISP’s diverse range of plans. While each of the 7 products mentioned above can be quite resourceful, here is a smaller, case-specific list to help you choose better.

  • If you are already using Optimum’s Gig internet plan and want to extend the internet coverage to the inaccessible locations pertaining to the home or office, there isn’t a better option around than the Linksys RE7000.
  • Also, if you are interested in setting up a wireless mesh comprising multiple gateways and a reliable repeater, the TP-Link RE220 is a great choice, considering the affordable price point.
  • Finally, if you simply want to target the far-reaching dead zones without having to spend much, the D-Link N300 DAP is a reasonable selection.

While these handpicked choices do make life easier for you in terms of selections, you can still read through all the reviews in detail to pick one depending on the preferences, professional requirements, and obviously the budget.