9 Best Routers For PS4 & PS5 in 2023 [Uninterrupted Console Gaming]

Is your current router unable to handle smooth gaming on PS4 or PS5? Or are you an ardent gamer who prefers online multiplayer gaming rather than being restricted to standard, out-of-the-box games? Nevertheless, you would need a capable router for uninterrupted gaming on a PS4 or PS5 console.

As an avid gamer, it is obvious for you to be interested in the highest possible wireless and wired speeds. Plus, you would want minimal ping, latency, and availability of several Ethernet ports. Not to mention the connection stability, features like DFS, QoS, and additional band procurement for gaming, and highest possible network security whilst interacting with unknown entities.

But then, what you commonly encounter is a lack of Wi-Fi 6 standard followed by fewer ports, lack of prioritization, absence of UPnP, underwhelming processing setup, no NAT or DMZ functionality, poor 2.4GHz speeds, and more. Considering these requirements and the associated pain points hindering fulfillment, I have enlisted the highly suitable routers for gaming on PS4 or PS5.

9 Best Routers For PS4 & PS5 in 2023

Consider gaming consoles like Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Play Stations as small computing devices requiring consistent internet access to operate and be functional. While these gaming setups already have the minimum specs taken care of, it is important to pair them with a competent router for making gameplay smooth, lag-free, and productive.

In the subsequent sections, I shall review 9 of the best console gaming routers in the retail space, reviewed, tested, and picked upon comparing close to 30 devices. For the sake of symmetry, I would list the high-end routers at the start followed by mid-range devices and eventually ending the discussion with some budget variants.

In case you would like to know, the products have been appraised across multiple parameters, including dedicated gaming support, speed, coverage, hardware setup, ports, setup, design, security, budget, and more.

The Netgear Nighthawk RAX1000 commands respect, especially if you plan on placing it close to your Smart TVs, laptops, and obviously the gaming consoles. As far as recommendations go, I consider it fit for enthusiastic gamers who can do away with a bit of congestion.

What sets it apart from the likes of XR300 is the powerful processor, capable of kicking interference, ping, latency, and other networking abominations in the crib. Coming to the core competencies, it is the advanced firmware and security safeguards that make an impression.

Why is it suited for PS4 Gaming?

The XR1000 boasts fantastic near-band speeds with the theoretical limit being set at 4.8Gbps. Therefore, if you have a small house and the gaming console is right next to the router, this product from Netgear seems like an appropriate buy. 

But then, it is the integrated QoS support that makes it a better gaming choice, and even makes up for the lack of an additional gaming band. QoS assists with congestion control and allocates a sizable bandwidth to the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, or any other console.

Speed & Coverage

The speeds are set at 600Mbps for the far band. Therefore, it is obvious that the 5GHz band speeds are more consistent as compared to the ones exhibited when the router is working on the 2.4GHz. While it might only make sense to a discerning gamer, most enthusiastic players would be able to churn out close to 120Mbps of download speeds, even on the 2.4GHz band, provided you are on a gig plan.

The coverage doesn’t suffer despite middling far band speeds. While it isn’t recommended, you can enjoy decent router speeds for a wider coverage area of 3000 sq ft, based on my tests, I was able to use it in a 2000 sq ft home with no dead spots.

Hardware & Port Management

Netgear Nighthawk RAX1000 Ports

The processing tools are good enough to keep the connections running amid congestion. While the 1.5GHz, 3-core processor aids faster packet processing, it gets additional support from 512MB of RAM. There is a 256MB flash storage module for housing the firmware details, as you go.

The existing processing setup paves the way for OFDMA support for faster transmission, MU-MIMO functionality for multi-device access, and the 160MHz bandwidth deployment for improved gaming performance.

As far as the ports are concerned, the Nighthawk RAX1000 lets you set up multiple wired connections, via the 4 GigE LAN ports. The USB 3.0 port lets you transfer data within the same LAN network. Four LAN ports ensure that your console gets the best speed from the ISP despite other devices already connected to the router. 


Netgear Nighthawk RAX1000 Design

The masterfully sculpted Nighthawk RAX1000 measures 11.6 x 7.8 x 2.5 inches when dimensions are concerned. Plus, the four external antennas add to its aesthetic appeal. Coming to the weight, this dual-band router weighs 3.70 pounds, which is a tad heavier than what I have liked.

Setup & Security

Setting up this router for handling gaming traffic is quite easy, courtesy of the UPnP compatibility. Once you connect the PS4 to the router, which is already on a gig internet plan, you are expected to see almost a 93 percent dip in gaming ping.

Plus, the app support, courtesy of the Nighthawk application, offers remote monitoring access and better control over the gamer-friendly DumaOS 3.0. Also, security is hardly a matter of concern with this router in play, as you get access to anti-malware, VPN integration, and even guest Wi-Fi access. You can even secure the wired network with the port forwarding support in play.


The Netgear Nighthawk RAX1000 ably justifies the top spot on the list with the highest possible near band speed limit. While it might miss out on a tri-band support and link aggregation for ensuring better speeds over two ISP plans, the processing setup more than makes up for this mild discomfort.

Alternate Option

However, if you want a more affordable variant, the Nighthawk AX5400 seems like a competent inclusion to the list. While it is still a dual-band router with 6 transmission streams and offers similar cumulative speeds of up to 5.4Gbps, it is meant for smaller houses.

Also, unlike the former, it brings in a 2.5G port in addition to 4 GigE ports for managing games over faster internet plans.

  • 4.8Gbps throughput across the 5GHz band
  • Four high-speed ports
  • Dedicated USB port
  • Excellent coverage
  • Inventive security specs
  • Gamer-curated DumaOS 3.0
  • No Link aggregation support
  • No dedicated gaming band

The ASUS RT-AX82U is a beast of gaming router, meant for individuals who are kind of invested in aesthetics in addition to performance. The best thing about this device is that it works equally well for tasks other than gaming, courtesy of the MU-MIMO compatibility.

Also, if you have previously been using the RT-AX55 from the same company, the RT-AX82U seems like a fitting upgrade, owing to the better speeds, minimized latency, and increased coverage.

Why is it suited for PS4 Gaming?

In addition to the high 5GHz band speed capping, this router comes equipped with a dedicated game boosting mode, instrumental in lowering ping and latency. Also, there is the adaptive Quality of Service in play that ensures zero lags while streaming, even if you are immersed in an online game on your console.

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Speed & Coverage

Asus promises 600Mbps of 2.4GHz speeds, which translate into 100Mbps, in real-time. The 4800Mbps capping for the near band is better for connecting multiple gaming consoles at once, provided you have a multi-gig connection in place.

The 2000 sq ft coverage area is good enough considering the middling far band speeds. However, I would recommend using the far band connectivity for surfing and not connecting gaming consoles.

Hardware & Port Management


The tri-core processor with support for gaming reappears. While it cuts through any congestion with ease, there is a 512MB RAM module to lend support. Storage insights are taken care of by the 256MB of flash memory. As far as the performances go, the hardware makes room for Beamforming support.

In terms of ports, Asus offers 4 LAN and one WAN port for establishing high-speed wired connections. There is also a standalone USB port to rely on.


ASUS RT AX82U Design

The aesthetics happen to be RT-AX82U’s strongest suite, led by 10.96 x 7.26 x 6.5 inches in terms of dimensions. Also, this router weighs close to 1.6 pounds and even lets you choose the desired lighting effects while it’s operational, as part of the Aura RGB support.

Setup & Security

Setting up the RT-AX82U feels like a walk in the park with the router app in play. The app also lets you have better control over the traffic via the integrated bandwidth monitor in play. Plus, you get access to a wide range of security safeguards, including parental control, site blocking, DMZ, port forwarding, and NAT functionality.


The Asus RT-AX82U misses the top spot by a whisker but still manages to put together a commendable specs sheet, led by the brilliant aesthetics and link aggregation support. However, it is the inventive gaming mode coupled with QoS that places it a cut above the rest.

  • Powerful processing setup
  • Excellent design
  • Link aggregation support
  • Insane 5GHz speeds
  • 4 high-speed ports
  • Pricey
  • 2.4GHz speeds are pretty underwhelming

Only if TP-Link Archer C5400X would support Wi-Fi 6, it would have been rather impossible to usurp it as the top-rated router. The design is as intimidating as it can get, making it one of the go-to routers for professional console gamers.

When compared to the AX73, which does come with Wi-Fi AX support, the Archer C5400X seems like a better bet with the tri-band support, inclusive of one additional 5GHz, gaming-ready channel.

Why is it suited for PS4 Gaming?

Apart from the Tri-band support, the Archer C5400X comes with the elusive ‘Game First’ setup that makes it one of the better bets in the retail space. Plus, the 1.8GHz processor is also there, which plays along with the intelligent traffic and data prioritization, thereby ensuring that your gaming requirements are duly addressed.

Speed & Coverage

The Archer C5400X exhibits maximum theoretical speeds of up to 1000 Mbps on the 2.4GHz far band. However, the speeds are capped at 2200 Mbps for two 5GHz bands, respectively. The coverage is appropriately set at 500 sqft, making it one of the more promising routers on the list.

Hardware & Port Management

TP-Link Archer C5400X Ports

The existing processor gets ample support from the 1GB RAM when it comes to keeping network congestion at bay. Plus, the 16GB eMMC storage support is also available for storing firmware details and updates.

The Archer C5400X comes loaded with ports and USB slots, with 8 LAN, one WAN, and two USB points on offer. Therefore, if you have a high-speed internet connection at home, it is advisable to connect the gaming consoles like PS4, PS5, and others via wired links to minimize attenuation, further.

Not just that, the link aggregation support allows you to make the most of two ISP plans, provided you seek higher speeds.


TP Link Archer C5400X Design

From a structural perspective, the Archer C5400X is quite beefed-up, with black and red accents leading the way. The dimensions read as 9.5 x 9.5 x 2.2 inches whereas there are 8 external antennas to take the credibility further. At 3 pounds, this is quite a stacked-up router, but still lighter than the RAX1000.

Setup & Security

This router allows you to access VPN support, Home Care setup, and other resources via the web interface. Plus, you can access other security specs like parental controls and anti-malware specifications like a content filter, intrusion prevention, and more, with relative ease.


Overall, the TP-Link Archer C5400X is one of the more promising routers on the list with tri-band functionality. However, the specs sheet adds to the promise as you get access to MU-MIMO support, Beamforming functionality, QoS for prioritization, and dynamic optimization support— traits that separate this router from the rest of the products.

  • Comes with a dedicated band for gaming
  • A massive chunk of RAM
  • 8 GigE ports
  • Link aggregation support
  • Advanced security specs
  • Lacks Wi-Fi 6 support
  • Not the slimmest of routers around

If you are a budget-specific gamer with an eye for Wi-Fi 6 networking standards, the Netgear Nighthawk RAX45 is the best router to invest in. There are quite a few good things about this router but what stands out is the availability of the 160MHz channel for faster data transmission.

As far as the comparative analysis is concerned, the Nighthawk RAX45 fares better than the RAX40, owing to better cumulative speeds and improved coverage.

Why is it suited for PS4 Gaming?

The 802.11ax standard is best suited for console-specific gaming. Plus, the 4 Ethernet ports ensure you can connect any setup of choice, via the wired interface, to make use of the best possible speeds.

Speed & Coverage

The Nighthawk RAX45 exhibits far-band speeds of up to 480 Mbps. The 5GHz wireless speeds can go up to 3840 Mbps, which can be best utilized depending on the ISP plan that feeds into the concerned modem.

As far as the coverage area is concerned, the router is good enough to spread out up to 3000 sq ft. However, the 2.4GHz speeds are quite basic and it is better to focus on trivial tasks when at a fair distance from the router.

Hardware & Port Management

Netgear Nighthawk RAX45 Design

Netgear makes room for a triple-core processor followed by 512MB of RAM. The existing hardware setup cuts through the interference and allows you to connect the router wired and wirelessly to the consoles.

There is also a 256MB flash storage unit in play that makes life easier if you want to store firmware details onto the same. There is also a USB port in play for sharing data across devices.


Netgear Nighthawk RAX45 Ports

The black-colored Nighthawk RAX45 weighs 1.25 pounds and measures 11.65 x 8.11 x 2.25 inches when dimensions are concerned. Plus, there are 4 antennas with decent coverage potential to add to the aesthetic brilliance.

Setup & Security

The Nighthawk app is laden with several possibilities. However, for gamers, it is the auto firmware update and seamless configuration support that make an impression. As far as security is concerned, the Netgear Armor wards off any cyber threat.


Overall, the Netgear Nighthawk RAX45 strikes the perfect balance between price and productivity. However, it is the hardware setup followed by firmware update frequency that sets it apart from the rest.

  • Powerful processor
  • 4 High-speed ports
  • Wi-Fi 6 support
  • Reliable security safeguards
  • Also good for streaming
  • Additional 160MHz channel
  • Middling 2.4GHz speeds
  • Basic design

The Asus RT-AX3000 is the best gaming for PS4, provided you are willing to keep the console closer to the router. However, the best thing about this router is the AiProtection that lends the requisite level of security to the wireless connections, especially the ones that concern online gaming.

I even went a step ahead and compared it with the already popular RT-AC86U. The RT-AX3000 came out on top, courtesy of the higher cumulative speeds and better coverage.

Why is it suited for PS4 Gaming?

While there are several good reasons for investing in this router, it is the 160MHz channel that ensures better gaming throughput, provided you establish a wireless connection with the PS4, PS5, Xbox, and other gaming consoles. Also, there are 4 GigE ports in play that allow you to establish faster-wired connections even when other devices are connected to the LAN network.

Speed & Coverage

As far as router speeds are concerned, the RT-AX3000 exhibits a 2.4GHz band throughput of 575 Mbps. The real-time speed capping is set at 110 Mbps, as tested by me with a Gig internet plan. The 5GHz speeds are set at 2402 Mbps, validating the fact that it is better to place the gaming console closer to the router for lower latency.

The coverage is set at 3000 sq ft but I would only counsel in favor of Wi-Fi calling, surfing, and other basic online tasks if you are at the farthest possible point.

Hardware & Port Management

Asus RT AX3000 Ports

Asus makes way for a standard tri-core processor, capable of clocking at speeds of up to 1.5GHz. Working in tandem with the processor is 512MB of RAM for better transmission followed by 256MB of flash memory that keeps a track of the firmware details.

The existing hardware makes it easier for the RT-AX3000 to showcase the perks of OFDMA support and MU-MIMO compatibility. Plus, the setup plays a pivotal role in pushing the gaming traffic via the 160MHz channel. As far as ports are concerned, you get an additional WAN port and a USB 3.1 slot for transferring data over the network.


Asus RT-AX3000 Overview

Coming to the layout, this router assumes a black-colored, plastic-clad chassis. Plus, the dimensions are set at 8.82 x 6.06 x 6.3 inches. The router weighs 2.68 pounds and even features four, high-gain external antennas.

Setup & Security

The proprietary router app from Asus makes configuration easier than expected, precisely by offering better control over the remote network. The AiMesh support allows you to use the router as a part of the wider network, if and when necessary. Coming to the security standards, you get access to parental controls, DMZ, NAT pass-through, and port forwarding.


The Asus RT-AX300 is one of the more balanced routers on the list that allows you to set up multiple connections using the MU-MIMO setup, whilst connecting to the gaming consoles. Despite lacking an additional band, it has the best-in-class Adaptive QoS support for prioritizing gaming traffic, which is one feature that makes it a better bet than some of the other products around.

  • Excellent 5GHz speeds
  • Reliable network security standards
  • Four high-speed Ethernet ports
  • Supports Adaptive QoS
  • Wi-Fi 6 compatible
  • Lacks the game boost mode
  • Dated design

The Linksys MR9000 helps you set up a gaming-friendly wireless mesh, provided you have a penchant for a wider coverage area. This router, therefore, suits the enthusiastic gamers better who prefer operating the console at a fair distance from the same.

Plus, the MR9000 excels when compared to the likes of Linksys AC200, which is also a tri-band router but with far lesser speeds.

Why is it suited for PS4 Gaming?

The MR9000 comes equipped with 4 Ethernet ports with Gig support. This means, despite staying wirelessly connected to multiple devices, you can still set up a wired connection with the PS4 and experience the fastest possible speeds. I also used this router to stream my gameplay on Twitch.

Speed & Coverage

Now that I am talking speeds, both the 2.4GHz and primary 5GHz bands support 867 Mbps of throughput, respectively. Therefore, I would pair this router with a Gig or a mid-range internet plan to make the most out of its internal setup.

The secondary 5GHz band assumes a maximum speed of 1733MHz, which is pivotal in setting up a mesh network. Once the mesh network is set in motion, the existing coverage of 3000 sq ft can be amplified to a long range of up to 6000 sq ft, if needed.

Hardware & Port Management

Linksys MR9000 Ports

There is a quad-core processor at the helm, followed by 512MB of RAM to manage transmissions better. You also get 256MB of flash storage with the MR9000. As far as the ports are concerned, the LAN slots are complemented by one WAN and one USB port for data sharing.


Linksys MR9000 Design

The MR9000 assumes a standard form factor with dimensions fixed at 7.28 x 10.24 x 7.48 inches. The device is, therefore, relatively thick and weighs 2.56 pounds. Also, there are four external antennas to proffer a sense of credibility.

Setup & Security

You can set the router up within minutes with the Linksys application. Once the app is available, you can monitor the home network, set parental controls, and even set prioritization for improved gaming throughput.


Overall, the Linksys is a competent router with support for MU-MIMO technology, app-based prioritization, and the unmatched ability to be a part of a 6000-sqft wide mesh network— a feature that sets it apart from the rest.

  • A decent chunk of RAM
  • Dedicated 5GHz band for expanding the network
  • Inventive app
  • Excellent coverage
  • Competent pricing
  • No link aggregation
  • No Wi-Fi 6 support

Not every router priced under $150 makes for a good gaming asset. The D-Link DIR-882-US debunks this myth by being a dependable product for the gamers who prefer wireless connections to the PS4, PS5, and other gaming consoles over wired connections.

As compared to the entry-level DIR-822, the DIR-882-US is a better bet, courtesy of an improved dual-core processor and a better wireless range.

Why is it suited for PS4 Gaming?

The only reason a PS4 gamer should invest in the DIR-882-US over other products on the list is the Smart Beam support that ensures better wireless throughput by tracking connected devices and actively enhancing Wi-Fi speeds pertaining to each.

Speed & Coverage

As far as the speeds go, the 2.4GHz associated with the DIR-882-US offers 800 Mbps of theoretical throughput, which goes up to 1733 Mbps for the 5GHz, near the band. The coverage of 2000 sq ft is good enough for most tasks, including console-specific gaming.

Hardware & Port Management

D-Link DIR-882-US Design

Processing performances are taken care of by the dual-core chipset that gets adequate support from 128MB of RAM. While the hardware setup isn’t beefed up, to be honest, it can get the job done of helping with gaming transmission by cutting out a considerable amount of congestion. Plus, there is a 16MB flash memory for the firmware. Coming to the ports, you get 4 LAN, one WAN, and 1 USB 2.0 module, on-board.


D-Link DIR-882-US Ports

This router measures 9.0 x 7.0 x 1.8 inches and weighs 1.25 pounds. Also, 4 high-gain antennas are protruding out of the surface that makes it look like a standard routing device.

Setup & Security

Setting the DIR-882-US is the easiest over the web interface. However, you can get a third-party Smart to connect the application to make things easier and active WPS protection, static IP for the better gaming experience, and even the guest network.


Overall, if you seek a router simply for setting up the PS4 via a wireless setup, the D-Link DIR-882-US seems like the best bet. Also, its QoS and MU-MIMO functionality work in tandem to make band steering functional enough, whilst reducing gaming ping, significantly. This is what makes the DIR-882-US stand out from the rest.

  • MU-MIMO functionality
  • Smart Beam for speeding up wireless connections
  • Excellent 5GHz throughput
  • Reliable processor
  • Excellent range
  • Lacks a dedicated gaming mode
  • Lacks Wireless AX support

Despite the sub-$100 price point, the Motorola MR2600 is one of the better routers on the list, boasting of enhanced security specs. Therefore, if you are a tad finicky about the security safeguards while playing games with other online players, this is the perfect router to consider.

As compared to the MR1700, which is an entry-level option from Motorola, the MR2600 seems more conducive to PS4 gaming, owing to better 5GHz throughput.

Why is it suited for PS4 Gaming?

It is the Smart QoS support that makes the device perfect for twitch streaming and PS4 gaming, as it helps prioritize the mode demanding bits of traffic, without a forced intimation.

Speed & Coverage

The 2.4GHz speeds are capped at 800Mbps whereas the 5GHz or the near band speeds are clipped at 1733 Mbps. While these are the theoretical speeds, the real-time throughput is restricted to 100 Mbps and 950 Mbps, respectively for far and near bands, provided you are on a gig internet plan.

The coverage, on the other hand, is set a tad higher than the 2000 sq ft mark, which covers walls, pillars, and even different stories to a certain extent.

Hardware & Port Management

Motorola MR2600 Ports

There is a standard dual-core processor in play, capable of clocking at 1.7GHz. Assisting the same is 512MB of RAM and 128MB of flash memory, for storing configuration details. You also get access to 4 Ethernet ports for connecting directly with Smart TVs, PS4, Xbox, laptop, and other bandwidth-intensive devices.


Motorola MR2600 Design

The MR2600 comes in black and weighs close to 1.20 pounds. As far as the dimensions go, this router with four external antennas measures 12.0 x 7.06 x 7.125 inches, which is in line with user expectations.

Setup & Security

This router from Motorola beckons a seamless web-based setup and configuration. However, the security safeguards are top-notch with MR2600 including DoS protection, DMZ support, port forwarding, guest access, and more.


To sum it up, the Motorola MR2600 is a reliable router for PS4 and other gaming consoles, with the cost-to-ownership ratio being the best possible trait that separates it from the herd.

  • The entire gamut of safety standards
  • Fast processor
  • Minimal gaming ping
  • Comes with parental control to set gaming timings for children
  • Smart QoS
  • Misses out on a full-fledged application
  • Not the best 2.4GHz throughput

The TP-Link Archer A7 might be the cheapest of the lot but it certainly isn’t a pushover when managing console-specific gaming is concerned. Coming to the recommendations, this router is best suited for gamers who prefer excellent 5GHz throughput on a budget.

Plus, the Archer A7 works a lot better than the Archer A6, when it comes to supplying internet to gaming consoles. The reason being, better cumulative speeds, and an incremental coverage area!

Why is it suited for PS4 Gaming?

One of the major reasons for considering this router for PS4 gaming is the excellent near band speeds, which allow you to set high-gain wireless connections, without congestion.

Speed & Coverage

The overall speed exhibited by the router is capped at 1750 Mbps, with the 2.4GHz speeds restricted to 450 Mbps. The near band speeds are in line with gaming expectations whereas the coverage of 2500 sq ft ensures decent enough speeds, even at the farthest of points.

Hardware & Port Management

TP-Link Archer A7 Ports

There is a 750MHz Qualcomm chipset on-board for helping the router cut through congestion. In addition to that, TP-Link also brings in 128MB of RAM and 16MB of standard flash storage support.

The port arrangement is good enough with 4 GigE LAN ports supplying the best possible wired speeds. Plus, there is a WAN port for accessing the internet from the modem followed by a solitary USB 2.0 port.


TP-Link Archer A7 Front Look

From a structural perspective, the Archer A7 seems like a traditional router with 3 antennas protruding out of the chassis. The dimensions are set at 9.6 x 6.4 x 1.3 inches whereas this is one of the few products on the list to weigh less than a pound.

Setup & Security

You can set up and configure the TP-Link Archer A7 either by using the Tether app or via the web interface. The app then lets you access QoS and paves the way for DoS protection and parental controls.


The TP-Link Archer A7 is an all-purpose router that comes loaded with Alexa support and the ability to connect multiple devices ranging over 50 devices at once. While the PS4-specific abilities might be limited, it is the comprehensive functionality that puts it on the list, shoulder to shoulder with other enlisted products.

Also, if you seek a more advanced gaming exposure, the TP-Link Archer AX21 with Wi-Fi 6 support seems like a better alternative. While the overall speeds are at par with the Archer A7, the quad-core processor keeps gaming latency to a minimum!

  • High 5GHz speeds
  • Reliable processor for keeping ping to a minimum
  • Excellent range
  • Alexa-compatible
  • Easy to use
  • Lacks Wi-Fi 6 support (Fixed by the alternative)
  • Sluggish USB port

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best router for PS4 gaming?

The best router for PS4 gaming is the one that has a competent processing setup, precisely to decipher even the most voluminous data packets with ease. Following this should be specifications like Wi-Fi 6 support, multiple GigE ports, NAT pass-through technology, other advanced security specs, and QoS for lowering latency and ping.

Are gaming routers worth it?

Yes, gaming routers are worth investing in but only if you are a seasoned gamer and the network is prone to congestion. In that case, it is prudent enough to invest in a product with QoS support, alternate gaming band, or a large number of Ethernet ports.

How do I Optimize my router for PS4?

Optimizing the router for PS4 or any other gaming console for that matter is easy provided it supports the Universal-Plug-and-Play method. If not, you need to activate and configure the router and select the same from the console settings to connect. Optimizing the same, however, means activating the QoS, to initiate traffic prioritization!

What is the preferred router speed for PS4 gaming?

 The TP-Link Archer C5400X happens to be my preferred router for PS4 gaming, as it comes with 8 Ethernet ports for unavoidable wired access and a dedicated 5GHz band, specifically for gaming traffic.


Every router on the list is good enough for playing online games on PS4, Xbox, and other top-shelf gaming consoles. Still, I have picked 4 exclusive choices, based on specific use cases, to make life easier for the gamer in you.

  • Invest in the Netgear Nighthawk RAX1000 if you are predisposed towards a router-adhering gaming console, thereby making use of the 5GHz throughput
  • Consider the TP-Link Archer C5400X if you want to experience the lowest possible ping and latency while immersing in online gaming
  • The Linksys AC3000 is one of the better choices if plan on using the additional band for establishing mesh-like, wider networks
  • For budget gamers, the TP-Link AC1750 is a perfect choice, which still comes with QoS support and a dedicated VPN server for clandestine gaming

Apart from these, you can invest in any of the other mentioned routers, depending on your personal gaming preferences, aesthetic predispositions, and budget.