5 Best Modems for Google Nest Wi-Fi: Get the Most Out of Your Mesh Network

best modem for google nest wifi

In today’s interconnected world, having a reliable and high-speed internet connection is essential. The Google Nest WiFi system is a popular choice for ensuring connectivity in the home, but its performance depends on the modem it is paired with. To fully utilize the potential of your Google Nest WiFi and enjoy buffer-free streaming, seamless video …

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5 Best Modems for Mediacom Internet Service

best modem for mediacom

Are you tired of dealing with slow internet speeds and frustrating Wi-Fi dead zones while using Mediacom’s cable internet service? If so, the culprit might not be your internet plan but rather your modem-router combo. Mediacom, a renowned cable-based ISP, requires a compatible modem to ensure a seamless internet connection. While many ISPs offer their …

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9 Clear Signs You Need a New Router

signs you need a new router

A router plays a crucial role in your home internet setup. While a modem provides internet access at home, a router is essential for enabling Wi-Fi connectivity. Your router collaborates with your modem to establish a network that allows you to connect multiple devices, such as phones and computers, to the internet. Typically, routers have …

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Does an Ethernet Splitter Reduce Speed? Let’s Find Out

does ethernet splitter reduce speed

In today’s world, where fast internet is crucial for both work and leisure activities, there is a concern among tech individuals and everyday users: Does using an Ethernet splitter affect internet speed? Ethernet splitters, also known as network splitters or Ethernet switches, allow us to connect devices to an Ethernet outlet. While they provide a …

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Ethernet Not Connecting, But WiFi is: Quick Solutions

ethernet not working but wifi is

The internet has become a requirement for people during this lockdown situation. Any network connectivity problem is an inconvenience for users. The latest concern among netizens is the issue of “Ethernet not working, but wifi is.” This query has gained popularity in search engine rankings. Many Windows users (including Windows 10, 8, and 7) are …

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